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Eric Saade Faces Strong Competition from Kati Wolf

Eric Saade might be “Popular” in Sweden, but he needs to watch out for Kati Wolf of Hungary. Check out “What About My Dreams,” via and you will find Céline Dion’s distant sister. Sounding like a mix between “Alive” and “I Drove All Night,” Wolf has the energy and power to seduce the audience and command the dance floor.

Eric Saade Beats Danny Saucedo in Terms of Sales

The two teenage heart throbs might fend off that they’re going head to head in the Melodifestivalen final, but the sales chart says otherwise. Eric Saade’s “Popular” vaults into No.1 on the singles tally, while Danny Saucedo’s “In the Club” leapfrogs 29-2 in its second week. According to the Swedish news daily Aftonbladet, Saade says that Sara Varga is a fierce competitor in Saturday’s final.

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