The Wanted Goes Comic Relief with Gold Forever

Singing the official Comic Relief song has become a surefire way of getting a UK No.1. Since 1995, only one hit single has failed to reach the summit – The Saturdays’ “Just Can’t Get Enough.” It would come as a surprise if The Wanted was denied the No.1 position. WelcheMusic thinks the infectious hit “Gold Forever” sounds like the perfect blend between Alphaville’s “Forever Young” and Katy Perry’s “Firework.”

Desert Rain Guides Edward Maya

Almost a year has passed since Edward Maya seduced dance floors across the globe with the infectious “Stereo Love.” The Romanian musician has since managed to crack the US market, peaking at No.16 on the Billboard Hot 100. This is the biggest Romanian hit ever in the US.

Shellback Contributes with Three Tracks on New Britney Set

The world is counting down to the new Britney Spears set Femme Fatale, which is slated for release on March 25. WelcheMusic is really proud of fellow Swede Shellback, who contributed on no less than three tracks on the upcoming set.

Jennifer Lopez Hits the Top 3 with “On the Floor”

CHART SPOTLIGHT. It seems as if Jennifer Lopez needn’t worry about making a comeback. With the help of RedOne and Pitbull, “On the Floor” crashes into No.3 on the Swedish singles tally. The singer made her debut with the No.9 hit “If You Had My Love” back in 1999.

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