Stella Mwangi’s Norwegian Fiasco Makes Saade Nervous

CHART REFLECTION. There was little doubt about what would dominate headlines in Norway today. Stella Mwangi’s elimination from yesterday’s Eurovision Song Contest semi-finals was nothing but a fiasco. Her “Haba Haba” was one of the favourites and only two years ago, Alexander Rybak won a sensational victory with “Fairytale.” Eric Saade on the Edge Stella… Fortsätt läsa Stella Mwangi’s Norwegian Fiasco Makes Saade Nervous

Fleet Foxes Challenges Adele in the UK

CHART SPOTLIGHT. The folk band Fleet Foxes pose a serious threat to Adele’s reign atop the album chart in the UK. Fleet Foxes’ sophomore set Helplessness Blues vaults into No.2, ahead of Jennifer Lopez’ Love? (No.6) and Beastie Boys’ Hot Sauce Committee Pt.2 (No.9).

Nicki Minaj Revives The Big Pink’s Dominos

CHART SPOTLIGHT. We absolutely love the new Nicki Minaj single “Girls Fall Like Dominoes.” Based on The Big Pink’s “Dominos,” the track is the sixth single off the rapper’s debut set Pink Friday. Another hit single is in the pipeline – “Where Dem Girls At,” a brand new David Guetta track which features Minaj and Flo Rida.

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