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Erik Grönwall Commands Both Singles and Album Chart in Sweden

In Sweden, Idol winner Erik Grönwall remains atop of the singles chart for a second week with “Higher.” The final chart of the year shows little change as Lady ...

Today in Music: They Topped the Swedish Singles Chart in 1993
  • 15 oktober, 2013

    20 years have passed since 1993! Jurassic Park was the top grossing movie, but there was always a fresh singles chart – every week. Check out the top five tracks ...

    Did Aqua Just Go Britney Spears On Us?

    So, did we just listen to a new Britney track or was it…Aqua? Check out the latest single from the Danish-Norwegian pop act to be released on Monday 14th March. ...

    Flo Rida Returns with Sia on Wild Ones

    On the back of the hugely popular ‘Good Feeling,’ American rapper Flo Rida returns to the charts with ‘Wild Ones.’