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Carola Häggkvist – The Swedish Queen of Eurovision

Most Swedes have an opinion about Carola Häggkvist, but no matter what you think. Few may disagree that she’s the undisputable Swedish queen of the Eurovision ...

The Story Behind Mark ’Oh’s Smash Tears Don’t Lie

Read the full story behind Mark ’Oh’s rave classic. The track was based on the wordless ‘Soleado,’ which was later covered by Michael Holm.

You’re Never Alone with 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor

Remember 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor, the Dutch EDM act famous for ‘Never Alone‘ and ‘Dreams.’ gives you the story behind the duo.

Do You Remember Bananarama’s Cruel Summer?

A look back on Bananarama’s hit ‘Cruel Summer’ which became a US hit thanks its inclusion in The Karate Kid movie. Ace of Base covered it in 1998.