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Will Donkeyboy Enjoy Melody Gardot’s Skavlan Effect?
  • 8 februari, 2010

    Raise a hand any Scandinavian who put on a Melody Gardot album before hearing her sing on the talk show Skavlan? We didn’t think so. Melody Gardot’s My One and ...

    Listen to Britney Spears’ Lady Gaga Track
  • Okategoriserade 10 januari, 2010

    WelcheMusic is rather disappointed that “Quicksand,” which Lady Gaga wrote for Britney Spears only ended up as a bonus track on the digital European iTunes ...

    Linda Sundblad in Command of Let’s Dance
  • Okategoriserade 7 januari, 2010

    First of all, let’s just clear the fact that Strictly Come Dancing is called Let’s Dance in Sweden.  It premiered back in 2006, when former Idol contestant ...