Loreen’s ‘Euphoria’ Baku’s Favorite Among Betting Companies


Exclusive research, provided by social media monitoring company Meltwater, reveals that Loreen is the top favorite. The company has analyzed more than 44,000 posts, claiming that more than ten percent favors ‘Euphoria.’ According to Aftonbladet Nöjesbladet, betting companies across Europe put Loreen first. According to research from the online gambling group Unibet, Loreen’s ‘Euphoria’ equals more than 68 percent of the turnover for the ESC betting as compared to the Russian babushka’s 13 percent. Danes favors their own entry – Soluna Samay’s ‘Should’ve Known Better’- which equals 40 percent of the local turnover. Meanwhile, the pan-European portion is no more than 1.87 percent. Jonas Nilsson, PR Manager at Unibet says:

Even if many put a bet on its own company, Loreen is the pan-European favorite among our customers. Our research predicts a victory tomorrow.” According to DN, competing betting company Svenska Spel, offers 1.7 times the money if you bet on Loreen. Runner-ups are Buranovskije Babusjki, 5 times the stake, followed by Serbia, Italy and Great Britain.

Must Impress Local Jury Groups Tonight

Although the final does not take place until tomorrow night, Loreen must impress the members of the local jury groups tonight, according to Aftonbladet. 42 jury groups cast their votes tonight. “A mediocre rehearsal may cost her the victory,” Torbjörn Ek, Aftonbladet’s ESC reporter in Baku. Haven seen today’s rehearsals he’s confident that the voice is there and she sang all the time. “Wow, it’s…soon. I wanted to make the final and now I’m in the final. I will just eat a nice meal, take it easy and there’s not much more to do than what I’ve always done. In a few hours, I’m on stage again,” Loreen told TT Spektra via Svenska Dagbladet.

ESC in the Rear View Mirror

A year back, we followed Eric Saade’s adventures in Germany and the feud with Russian singer Alexey Vorobyov. As Svenska Dagbladet reports, little more than a Swedish victory tops Saade’s No.3 ranking with ‘Popular.’ Carola’s ‘Invincible’ ended up at fifth place back in 2006, and was followed by four tough years with one missed final and three lower rankings. Svenska Dagbladet’s ESC expert Harry Amster is convinced that it will either be Loreen or the ‘elderly women’ from Russia. He also points out that Greece, Cyprus and Serbia have strong entries.

Loreen Predicts Buranovskiye Babushki Victory


We’re only hours away from Loreen’s performance of ‘Euphoria’ in Baku. The moment we’ve all been waiting for – and most certainly Loreen will qualify for the final. According to an article in today’s Aftonbladet, Loreen believes that Buranovskiye Babushki’s ‘Party for Everybody’ will win on Saturday. Yesterday, I wrote about the fierce competition between the babushkas and Loreen.

“Something happens in the soul when you see them,” Loreen told Lotta Bromé in an interview on P4 Extra, a radio show. Several news papers (incl Aftonbladet) have also highlighted the arrival of Loreen’s mother, who came to support her last night.

DN’s Hanna Fahl highlights Lithuania, Norway, Estonia, Ukraine and and the Netherlands as entries to look out for. DN also reports that Loreen’s support for human rights activists in Azerbaijan has enraged the local government. According to Aftonbladet, the news agency AFP reports that Ali Hasanov should have told the Azeri media that the EBU, the European cooperative organization which organizes Eurovision Song Contest, should prevent the competition participants to meet the “anti-Azeri groups.”

Christer Björkman, the leader of the Swedish delegation in Baku argues that neither the EBU, SVT or Loreen has violated the rules of Eurovision Song Contest.

“It is rather he (Ali Hasanov) who have done it. The rules are crystal clear. One should not make political statements in the context of the competition and it has Loreen not done. She has the enthusiasm and commitment entered into various organizations as a private person and she has every right to do. However, it is not correct to try to restrict people’s freedom of speech,” he said.

I’ve blogged about Loreen ever since her Swedish victory until her arrival in Baku.


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