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Black Eyed Peas Achieves UK’s Most Downloaded Track Ever

Black Eyed Peas’s achieves the UK’s most downloaded track ever with “I Gotta Feeling.”

Sidney Samson took Riverside to the Charts

Sidney Samson peaked at No.2 in the UK with “Riverisde (Let’s Go!).”

Nicole Scherzinger Takes on Swedish Hitmaker
  • Okategoriserade 5 december, 2010

    Ex-Pussycat Dolls vocalist Nicole Scherzinger is back with the new hit single “Poison.” Produced by Lady Gaga hitmaker RedOne, the single bows at No.3 on the UK ...

    Rihanna+David Guetta=Crisps
  • Okategoriserade 30 november, 2010

    The French producer David Guetta returns to the charts with a re-issue of One More Love. He has packed the set with lots of remixes and is currently promoting ...