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Nicki Minaj Revives The Big Pink’s Dominos

CHART SPOTLIGHT. We absolutely love the new Nicki Minaj single “Girls Fall Like Dominoes.” Based on The Big Pink’s “Dominos,” the track is the sixth single ...

Alicia Keys Was Ready for the Un-Thinkable
  • 31 januari, 2011

    Alicia Keys’s “Un-Thinkable” was one of WelcheMusic’s favorite tracks of 2010. The track topped the US R&B chart for twelve weeks.

    Rihanna+David Guetta=Crisps
  • Okategoriserade 30 november, 2010

    The French producer David Guetta returns to the charts with a re-issue of One More Love. He has packed the set with lots of remixes and is currently promoting ...

    David Guetta Re-activates Album with Rihanna
  • Okategoriserade 19 november, 2010

    David Guetta collaborates with Rihanna on new single