This Is JLS’s New No.1



CHART SPOTLIGHT. JLS’s “She Makes Me Wanna” claimed the No.1 spot with the help of RedOne and vocalist Dev.  As WelcheMusic predicted back in June, the track was unquestionable chart-topping material. This means that The Wanted’s “Glad You Came” will leave the top spot. The boy band’s breakthrough hit was the 2009 hit “Beat Again.”

JLS featuring Dev – She Makes Me Wanna


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The Wanted to Remain Atop This Sunday

The Wanted - Glad You Came
The Wanted - Glad You Came

CHART SPOTLIGHT. We’ve covered The Wanted relentlessly since the debut last August and WelcheMusic anticipated that the guys would fend off competition with the release of “Glad You Came.” According to Radio1, it looks as if they will continue chart dominance for a second week. The track will remain atop of Sunday’s singles chart ahead of DJ Fresh and Ed Sheeran.

The track has bowed on Spotify UK alongside the remixes mentioned in our earlier blog post. The track has not only topped the UK singles chart, but also claimed the coveted top spots in Ireland and Scotland.

Read more about The Wanted on WelcheMusic:

Listen to The Wanted via Spotify (UK):

The Wanted Is So Glad You Came

CHART SPOTLIGHT. Expect The Wanted to cart this Sunday with the latest single “Glad You Came.” The track was released yesterday in the UK and follows the charity single “Gold Forever” previously covered by WelcheMusic.

In August 2010, WelcheMusic stated that “boy bands return with a vengeance as the UK welcomes The Wanted” and their debut hit “All Time Low.” Since then, the group has placed four singles on the singles tally.

“Glad You Came” also features new remixes from Alex Gaudino as well as the band’s cover of The Goo Goo Dolls “Iris.” In January, The Wanted performed their rendition of the classic City of Angels anthem on a session hosted by UK news paper The Sun.

DJ Earworm has already included “Glad You Came” in his latest mash-up, and the track has been reviewed by the likes of Musicreviews10, Mukki, and The Gizzle Review.

The Wanted Takes Gold Forever to the Top 3

CHART SPOTLIGHT. As previously reported, The Wanted was set to bow on this week’s UK singles chart.  Singing the official Comic Relief song, “Gold Forever” vaults into No.3. The dance-pop song is written by the prolific song-writers Steve Mac, Wayne Hector and Claude Kelly.

The song was performed live on the Red Nose Day 2011 event on March 18 and is The Wanted’s fourth single to date. WelcheMusic covered the group’s breakthrough in August last year with the No.1 single “All Time Low.”


Partly Irish, the group has faired much better in the UK. “Gold Forever” enters the Irish singles chart at No.17 this week.


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