The Lonely Island/Michael Bolton Go All Jack Sparrow in Hit Viral

CHART SPOTLIGHT. Don’t be surprised if the 58-year old crooner Michael Bolton returns to the charts with an r’n’b hit. Featured in a recent Saturday Night Live episode, Bolton joins The Lonely Island in a parody of The Pirates of the Caribbean dubbed as “Jack Sparrow.”

14-year Chart Hiatus

If “Jack Sparrow” should chart, this would bring Michael Bolton back to the Billboard Hot 100 after a 14-year old hiatus. Bloggers The Random and The Wrap were quick on highlighting this successful viral which tributes several of this summer’s blockbusters.

Despite releasing albums since 1975, Michael Bolton didn’t get his breakthrough until the late ‘80s. Interesting to note, his blockbuster hit “How Am I Supposed to Be without You” was actually written for Laura Branigan back in 1983. A No.12 hit in the US, Michael Bolton actually co-wrote the track which he re-recorded for his Soul Provider album in 1989.

Career Highlight

Via his web-site Michael Bolton says “Jack Sparrow” ”was one of the highlights of my career and most memorable experiences of my life.” Last Sunday, the video attracted more than 4.3 million views on YouTube.


“Jack Sparrow” is included on the The Lonely Island’s latest album Turtleneck & Chain. It’s the sixth single to be lifted off the album, following the title track. The biggest hit to date off the set is “I Just Had Sex” which featured Akon on vocals.

The album also features collaborations from Beck, Snoop Dogg, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Nicki Minaj and John Waters.

In Sweden, The Lonely Island peaked at No.2 with “I Just Had Sex.” Michael Bolton has had two top ten hits in Sweden. “How Am I Supposed to Live without You” and “How Can We Be Lovers?” in 1989.

Listen to Michael Bolton and The Lonely Island via Spotify:

Danny & Freja to Seduce UK Dancefloors with Explicit Video

CHART SPOTLIGHT. Last night, Danny Saucedo gave out Swedish points in the Eurovision Song Contest. The singer, who was the runner-up in the Swedish Melodifestivalen is on his way to get his breakthrough in the UK this summer. As reported by the fantastic music blog Scandipop, his debut single will be a new version of his 2007 hit “If Only You.”

Co-written by Michael Zitron, one of Swedish House Mafia’s song-writers originally included Therese in the originally version. She is replaced by Freja in this new version. Quite odd as Therese actually had had  a string of hits in the UK and still release music in that territory.

Danny & Freja Go Clean and Explicit

The video to “If Only You” is available in two versions. Watch the clean below and make sure to like Danny & Freja on Facebook to see the explicit version!


“If Only You” Sold More than 1m RingTones in Russia

“If Only You,” the track spent eight weeks in the Swedish top ten (peaking at No.3) as well as topping the Polish charts and selling over a million ring-tones in Russia (according to CraveOnMusic). The track was originally included on Danny Saucedo’s debut album Heart Beats and was later re-recorded as a duet with Therese. It was subsequently included a bonus track on the sophomore album Set Your Body Free.

Danny Saucedo released the latest album In the Club following his participation in Melodifestivalen. There are different indications of release dates for this single. Some say July, while Music Week says 23rd May.

Listen to Danny Saucedo via Spotify:

Scouting For Girls Announces New Single

CHART SPOTLIGHT. According to the eminent site Top 40 Charts, we’re pleased to welcome back Scouting For Girls. Only recently, WelcheMusic did a chart flashback on the Brit indie group’s hit “This Ain’t a Love Song.”

Scouting For Girls – Love How It Hurts

Come July, Scouting For Girls returns with “Love How It Hurts” – a track written by lead singer Roy Stride. The new single will be included on an upcoming re-issue of the album Everybody Wants to Be on TV.

According to Daily Record, the group’s front man  Roy Stride has knicked a quote from comedian when asked where he gets his funny ideas from. “He said he got them from the old lady who works in the post office and she gets them from the old lady who collects her pension every Thursday.” Steal with pride!

Ultrasound Music Festival

According to the group’s home page, Scouting For Girls will perform on this year’s Ultrasound Music Festival in Tamworth. Other artists include Example, Chipmunk, Lock Essien and Madness.

WelcheMusic Listening

Scouting For Girls – Love How It Hurts (Spotify)

→ Read New Scouting For Girls Single Out Now


Why Dana International Missed the Final

Dana International
Dana International

CHART REFLECTION. Unfortunately, Dana International missed out on tonight’s final as “Ding Dong” was eliminated from Thursday’s semi-final. Looking back at Dana International’s 1998 winner “Diva,” WelcheMusic’s research reveals just how the points were allotted back then. The singer got her highest scores (10’s or 12’s) from countries that either competed in this year’s first semi-final or qualified directly. Therefore, none of those fans were allowed to vote on Thursday.

Another pattern in 1998 was that the farther east the countries were located, the less points were awarded Dana International. The majority of voters came from the Eastern bloc. So, with that in mind it might not have been a surprise that “Ding Dong” didn’t score so many points – most of her fans couldn’t even vote for her on Thursday!

“Diva” Second Schlager Entry for Dana International

Née Yaron Cohn in 1972, the 39-year old singer Dana International (in Hebrew: אינטרנשיונל) got her international breakthrough back in 1998 when she won the ESC final with “Diva.” The single peaked at No.3 in Sweden, one of the most successful chart runs in any country.  Haven tried a few years earlier, Dana Internaional came second in the Israeli contest with “Layla Tov, Eropa” (1995).

WelcheMusic thinks the performance on Thursday was smashing – not least because of the Gaultier dress worn! Watch the new video via Wiwiblog!


Whitney Houston Satire Breakthrough Single

Recently Dana International was the judge of Israeli Idol, Kokhav Nolad. Few might now that her debut single was a satirical version of Whitney Houston’s “My Name Is Not Susan” titled “My Name Is Not Saida.”

The Jerusalem Post simply says that Isreal missed out on the chance of winning, while Jewish Cronical Online highlights that Jewish singer Anthony Costa will perform as part of Blue tonight.

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