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The Frans Effect on Spotify

We now know that Ukraine won this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, yet it seems that Sweden’s entry Frans is the global winner. Turns out that ‘If I Were Sorry’ quickly became the biggest global selling download via iTunes following his No.5 peak at the Stockholm Globe Arena last night.

According to streaming data from Spotify from yesterday, the artist benefited from the success. Frans’ ’If I Were Sorry’ has so far spent 61 days on Spotify’s global daily chart, peaking at No.49. So far, it has spent 61 days on the chart and jumped 197-131 yesterday. The track now totals 27.6m streams across the globe, according to data from analyst site

Spotify Daily Chart

(May 14th, 2016 – the day of the Eurovision Song Contest)

  • Estonia: 4 (11)
  • Iceland: 10 (17)
  • Lithuania: 14 (17)
  • Sweden: 9 (22)
  • Ireland: 71 (67)
  • UK: 81 (88)
  • Finland: 71 (92)
  • Netherlands: 87 (114)
  • Austria: 86 (126)
  • Norway: 115 (196)

The tally lists the current daily chart position, with the position on May 13th in brackets.

Frans’ If I Were Sorry Dominates Swedish Spotify Chart


According to the Swedish news daily Aftonbladet, the 17-year old Frans is pleased with the result. “It’s a great party and a wonderful evening,” adding that “I didn’t see two million, but 15,000 people with shining things. I was shocked trying to take it all in.”

Songwriter facts

Oscar Fogelström, Michael Saxell, Fredrik Andersson and Frans Jeppsson-Wall wrote the track. Frans is signed to Cardiac Records.

The Skåne-based record label signed a collaboration agreement with Sony Music Entertainment last November. It enjoyed great success with ‘Johnny G (The Guidetti Song)’ performed by Badpojken last year.

Ace of Base Mastermind John Ballard behind Sergey Lazarev Entry

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