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Today in Music: They Topped the Singles Chart in 1994

Be kind rewind, a look back at the 1994 singles chart in Sweden in early Sweden - 20 years ago. Check out the videos to Maxx, Enigma, Bryan Adams et al.

The Top 5 Biggest Sean Paul Hits in Sweden

Welcoming Sean Paul to Sweden, the Jamaican dancehall singer performed during last night’s Idol. Sean Paul is here to promote the latest album Full Frequency, ...

Today in Music: They Topped the Swedish Singles Chart in 1993
15 oktober, 2013

20 years have passed since 1993! Jurassic Park was the top grossing movie, but there was always a fresh singles chart – every week. Check out the top five tracks ...

You’ll Never Stop Me Loving You, Sonia!

Sonia’s ‘You’ll Never Stop Me Loving You’ was a summer hit of 1989. It was the singer’s first UK No.1 hit and a start of a career that would span almost years.