Loreen’s Euphoria Smells Baku Victory in the Eurovision 2012


Loreen’s ‘Euphoria’ has turned out to be the pan-European favorite as the ESC final in Baku draws to a close. The singer will, however, need to qualify for the final this Thursday. Few question that. In an interview with Aftonbladet’s Torbjörn Ek, the surging interest for the singer is quite taking its toll. “I just felt to be on my own today, I did not anyone around me,” the singer told Aftonbladet. Being a favorite obviously mounts pressure on the singer. Loreen did get 670,551 tele-votes upon winning the Swedish final.

Remember Carola’s Invincible in 2006?

Long-time Swedish ESC general Christer Björkman hasn’t experienced such interest in the Swedish winner since Carola’s performance in Athens. In 2009, Norwegian singer Alexander Rybak was close to collapse and actually canceled all interviews ahead of the final. He finally won the whole competition with ‘Fairytale.’

Christer Björkman, to Aftonbladet:

“I do not feel that Loreen is in the same condition as Rybak. But we will support her a lot as we see how much attention she gets compared to the other artists. We will need to be vigilant. A bit like what we did with Carola in Athens. To support her with air so fans won’t get too close.”

Baku Eurovision Song Contest Party Flops

According to a recent Aftonbladet article, a party in honor of the ESC participants turned out to be a flop. The artists were kept waiting for three hours in buses, food wasn’t complimentary and the highlight was fireworks that only lasted for one minute. The Swedish delegation with Loreen at the front left after 20 minutes.

Today, Sweden’s news daily DN publishes an article with Loreen where the singer reveals that she sets her sight on Svalbard. Alone. There’s not much serenity in the midst of ESC euphoria, she’d like to go there alone and see the glaciers before they melt. She finally share a piece of wisdom on what she absolutely do not want with her life.

“Live a lie. I do not like illusions, to be a piece in a someone else’s puzzle. I’d like to be the boss in my own life. To be my own manager.”

No Compromises

Loreen will compete in Thursday’s heat. Always driven by the mantra to make it on her own. In an interview with Svenska Dagbladet’s Harry Amster, Loreen says that “it’s a deliberate choice not to release an album. I am not somebody else’s product. I follow my own flow and have turned a lot of offers down. It’s about have the courage to be yourself in your own energy. You shouldn’t compromise. It has taken me seven years to realize that.”

A debut album is waiting in the wings, where Loreen has worked with the Swedish producer Kleerup. A superb choice, back in 2007 Kleerup managed to place Robyn atop of the UK singles chart with ‘With Every Heartbeat.’ In 2008, he released the No.7 hit ‘Longing for Lullabies’ with Neneh Cherry’s half-sister Titiyo.

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Will Loreen’s Euphoria Take the Eurovision 2012 by Storm?

Google traffic from almost 50 countries for Loreen
Loreen is set for Baku this May as Sweden's participant in the Eurovision 2012

Loreen’s ‘Euphoria’ is the most successful winner ever in the history of Melodifestivalen. With 670,551 votes according to the news daily Aftonbladet, the singer easily took home top honors last night ahead of Danny Saucedo’s ‘Amazing,’ and is now set for Azerbaijan’s Baku this May.

Visitors from Almost 50 Countries Search for Loreen’s ‘Euphoria’

I’ve had visitors from almost 50 countries, ending up on my blog after a Google search for Loreen and/or ‘Euphoria’! This includes the UK, Netherlands, Norway and non-Euro countries such as the US and Ecuador.

More Than 2m Viewers Followed Melodifestivalen Last Night

Melodifestivalen hasn’t been this popular since Carola won with ‘Evighet’ (dubbed ‘Invincible’ in the Eurovision). More than 2m viewers watched the contest according to news daily Dagens Nyheter, where Loreen both won the hearts of the international jury as well as the Swedish tele votes.

Loreen is currently working on her debut album, which is slated for release this September. I was disappointed in ‘Euphoria’ ‘only’ making it to No.12 in its first week, the single vaulted to No.1 on Friday, adding another week on the digital songs chart Digilistan.

Loreen Competes in Melodifestivalen (courtesy of SVT)


International Jury Chose Eric Saade’s ‘Popular’

Letting an international jury vote for a winning track is a clever way of getting acceptance in the Eurovision. Last year, ‘Popular’ managed to win bronze and already Sweden is a top favorite with international betting companies. The use of ‘Euphoria’ in the Spanish promo for Gossip Girl, is just one indication that the track has a pan-European potential.

I will make sure to cover Loreen’s way to Baku and hopefully she will take the Eurovision by storm. I predicted that ‘Euphoria’ was the path to success upon Loreen winning the first heat in Växjö last month. Sure hope that you agree with me.

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ESC Winner Carola to Crown The Voice

The originals Adam Levin, Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton
ESC Winner Carola to Crown The Voice

CHART REFLECTION. We covered the super diva Carola Häggkvist after her performance at ‘Sommarkrysset’ earlier this summer. According to Aftonbladet, the singer will join the celebrity judges of ‘The Voice.’ These sources have not been officially confirmed by TV4. The panel will consist of merited Swedish artists Magnus Uggla, Ola Salo (of The Ark) and rapper Petter.

‘The Voice’ is a Dutch format owned by Talpa. Earlier this autumn, TV3 introduced a similar format dubbed ‘True Talent.’ The purpose of the show is that it’s primarily the voice that matters and not the physical appearance. WelcheMusic favorite Danny Sacuedo is one of the celebrities in ‘True Talent.’

Christina Aguilera, Maroon 5’s Adam Levin, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton form the panel of judges in the US. In the UK, Adele was rumored to become one of the celebrities.

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ESC Winner Carola Gave an Exclusive Performance at Sommarkrysset

Carola Häggkvist
Carola Häggkvist

CHART REFLECTION. Carola Häggkvist proved to be a true diva at tonight’s ‘Sommarkrysset’ delivering her own rendition of ‘Enough Is Enough (No More Tears)’ which was released as  a single earlier this year. ‘Schlager’ artists such as Caroline af Ugglas, Christer Sjögren, Sanna Nielsen and Jessica Andersson hailed Carola ahead of her performance saying that we don’t have any other female artist on her level.

And they’re probably right. Definitely one of the artists who got the Eurovision Song Contest to thank for her career breakthrough, Carola came third in the 1983 edition of the ESC at the tender age of 16. Carola Häggkvist has represented Sweden three times.

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