Christina Perri Targets Aussies with Jar of Hearts

CHART REFLECTION. The 24-year old Philadelphia singer-songwriter Christina Perri has her eyes set on Australia according to Kovideo. Her No.3 hit single “Jar of Hearts” became a US top 20 hit on the back of its inclusion on So You Think You Can Dance USA. Initially released in July 2010, the song headlines the debut set Lovestrong. Christina Perri has created a special web-site where fans may share love stories. The singer has already been featured on Glee, as “Jar of Hearts” was featured in the “Prom Queen” episode this May.

Adele Atop of Australia’s Singles and Album Tallies

CHART SPOTLIGHT. According to Digital Spy, “Someone Like You” still rules the Australian singles chart. WelcheMusic has already highlighted the upcoming new hit single from Adele – “Set Fire to the Rain.” On an interesting note, Muzic Magazine highlights that the singer tops both the singles and albums chart despite never setting foot in the country.

LFMAO remains the runner-up with “Party Rock Anthem,” where Christina Perri moves 6-3 with “Jar of Hearts.”

Katy Perry – who had to cancel shows due to food poisoning, falls to No.6 with “Last Friday Night.” Elsewhere on the chart, Bruno Mars cracks the top ten with “Marry You.”

Read more about Adele on WelcheMusic:

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