Streaming for Sound of Silence Declines Across (Almost) All Territories

To secure success in Eurovision is one thing, to maintain interest afterwards another. A surefire favorite of mine, ‘Sound of Silence’ seems to have peaked around the world. Streaming is decreasing everywhere, but Australia where Dami Im reaches a new peak!

Dami Im’s ‘Sound of Silence’ climbs 61-52 in native Australia, besting the previous No.60 position. Written and produced by DNA Songs, I definitely hope that we will hear more from Dami Im soon. So, how did she fare across different Spotify territories?

Peak position

  • Global: 140
  • Sweden: 10
  • Australia: 52
  • Germany: 106
  • Norway: 89
  • The Netherlands: 103
  • Finland: 81
  • Spain: 145
  • Portugal: 61
  • Belgium: 58
  • Denmark: 138
  • Lithuania: 16
  • Iceland: 25
  • Austria: 85
  • Ireland: 123
  • Estonia: 36
  • Malaysia: 146
  • Switzerland: 186

Latest chart data by for 22nd May.

Dami Im – Sound of Silence

How Justin Timberlake Ended up in Eurovision

Justin Timberlake certainly made an impact in Saturday’s Eurovision. According to Swedish news daily Expressen, the singer will stay in Sweden for 30 days. Timberlake spent his Monday at Max Martin’s, who enjoyed his 22nd Billboard Hot 100 with ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling.’ His manager Johnny Wright explains why Justin Timberlake chose to appear in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Justin Timberlake – Can’t Stop the Feeling

Max Martin and Shellback co-wrote the global No.1with Justin Timberlake. “We love Sweden. During the *NSYNC days, our hits were recorded there,” has Johnny Wright previously stated. It comes as no surprise that Timberlake is picky of where he appears for promotion.

We brainstormed and realized that the Eurovision is one of the world’s greatest shows.

“Justin is a global, international artist. He understands the various platforms around the world. Justin is very picky about what TV shows he appears in. But Eurovision is all about new music. We sent the idea to them. They loved it. We looked for opportunities around the world. Justin is doing promotion at the moment. We brainstormed and realized that the Eurovision is one of the world’s greatest shows. It was a challenge for us since they never had an artist appear on the show that doesn’t compete. But further to our discussion, everything was sorted out,” says Johnny Wright about the guest appearance. has covered the Eurovision in a series of posts. Yesterday, Frans bowed on the UK singles chart at No.47. And we’ve also covered Dami Im and Sergey Lazarov.





Dami Im Breaks Spotify’s Global Tally

The verdict is out Dami Im’s ‘The Sound of Silence.’ Finally, the Spotify streaming figures from yesterday is out. As reported yesterday, Dami Im has enjoyed worldwide success. Yet, it’s not until today we can see the full impact of her amazing performance as streaming figures from yesterday is available. In other words, the day after her performance.

It’s definitely clear that Sweden loved this song! The track surges to a new peak, finally cracking the top ten. Frans moves 9-5 with ‘If I Were Sorry,’ while Justin Timberlake’s performance of the Trolls soundtrack cut storms to No.1 with 276,004 streams.

Dami Im, reaches a new peak in Australia (No.73) adding new chart territories such has Switzerland, Estonia and Denmark. For the first time, ‘Sound of Silence’ is a global Spotify streaming hit bowing at No.140. It’s still behind Frans (No.64) on the global tally.

Dami Im-  The Sound of Silence

The Sound of Silence Peak Positions

  • Sweden: 10 (35)
  • Australia: 73 (187)
  • Norway: 89 (180)
  • Finland: 81 (165 )
  • Iceland: 25 (40)
  • Ireland: 123 (NE)
  • Malaysia: 146
  • Switzerland: 186 (NE)
  • Estonia: 36 (NE)
  • Global: 140 (NE)
  • Denmark: 138 (NE)
  • Poland: 61 (NE)
  • Austria: 85
  • Lithuania: 16

(Spotify Streaming chart positions as of May 15th, 2016. Saturday’s positions in brackets).

Written by DNA Songs, songwriters Anthony Egizii and David Musumeci have written several hits for the likes of Ricky Martin, Delta Goodrem and The Veronicas.

DNA Songs Is Dami Im’s Secret Sauce

Dami Im was many a favorite as we were mesmerized by her performance at the Eurovision Song Contest with ‘The Sound of Silence.’ So, you want more of that? Production duo DNA Songs has many hits under their belt – and WelcheMusic has featured several hits in this blog post.

Anthony Egizii and David Musumeci have written hits for Ricky Martin, The Veronicas and The Saturdays through the years. I’m personally excited about Delta Goodrem – the biggest Australian female artist! She’s even bigger than Kylie Minogue in her home country.

The X Factor Breakthrough

In October 2013, Dami Im first worked with DNA Songs, when the duo penned and produced ‘Alive.’ The track was the first single off her eponymous sophomore set, eventually topping the ARIA singles chart. It went on to sell more than 70,000 copies. ‘Alive’ peaked at No.49 on Australia’s Spotify streaming chart. Dami Im had already won the fifth season of The X Factor Australia.

The Frans Effect on Spotify

The singer was a surefire bet for winning last night’s Eurovision Song Contest, but was beaten by Ukraine and Russia. Signed on Sony, ‘The Sound of Silence’ is also available in a couple of remixes (not on Spotify Sweden though).

Dami Im – Sound Of Silence (7th Heaven Radio Edit)

Dami Im – Alive

The Sound of Silence Peak Positions

  • Sweden: 35
  • Australia: 111
  • Norway: 180
  • Finland: 165
  • Iceland: 40
  • Malaysia: 146

(Spotify Streaming chart positions as of May 14th, 2016).

As promised, do check out these amazing DNA Productions hits with Delta Goodrem.
Delta Goodrem – Dear Life

Delta Goodrem – Wings

Ace of Base Mastermind John Ballard behind Sergey Lazarev Entry

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