Alexandra Stan’s “Get Back” Follows Saxobeat

CHART SPOTLIGHT. No sooner has the sound of “Mr. Saxobeat” faded on the dancefloor, than Alexandra Stan returns with the follow-up. Already a Top 20 hit in France, “Get Back (ASAP)” is set to become the second international hit for this Romanian singer. An incredible dancefloor success for Romania who placed Inna and Edward Maya atop the UK dance chart within a year. WelcheMusic covered this in April.

“Get Back (ASAP)” is expected to bow in the UK in August, where “Mr. Saxobeat” remains a top ten hit. The latter has topped the chart in Denmark, peaked at No.2 in Sweden and Norway and reached No.3 in the UK. Alexandra Stan’s debut hit was the 2009 single “Lollipop.”

Listen to Alexandra Stan (via Spotify):

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Edward Maya Arrives in Mexico

CHART REFLECTION. Romanian DJ Edward Maya is set to conquer Mexico City and Puebla. His 2010 worldwide hit “Stereo Love” continues to earn global recognition. Edward Maya will perform alongside musicians such as Shantel, DJ Sava at the Pyramids of Cholula, Puebla followed by a performance at the Olympic Velodrome.

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WelcheMusic has followed Maya’s success, since his Swedish No.1 hit “Stereo Love.” The follow-up “This Is My Life” peaked at No.58. His latest single “Desert Rain” is yet to chart.

Maya returns to No.1 in Sweden with “Stereo Love”

This Easter, Maya offered a free remix of “Stereo Love” to all fans!

Romanian Alexandra Stan Races Charts Worldwide

CHART SPOTLIGHT. Last year saw the breakthrough of Edward Maya, whose seductive “Stereo Love” topped charts worldwide. Welcome fellow Romanian Alexandra Stan whose “Mr. Saxobeat” has topped the tally in France and Romania with top ten positions in Belgium, Greece, Italy and Spain.

Born in Romanian Constanta in 1989,  Alexandra Stan released her debut single “Lollipop” in 2009. While being a pop star, Alexandra also studies international relations with Romanian law. Expect “Get Back” to become the next single.

Listen to Alexandra Stan (via Spotify):

Desert Rain Guides Edward Maya

CHART SPOTLIGHT. Almost a year has passed since Edward Maya seduced dance floors across the globe with the infectious “Stereo Love.” The Romanian musician has since managed to crack the US market, peaking at No.16 on the Billboard Hot 100. This is the biggest Romanian hit ever in the US.

Fans surely welcomes the comeback of “Desert Rain,” where Maya reunites with vocalist Vika Jigulina. 2011 also takes Edward Maya on a world tour, including stops in the US, Brazil, South Africa and Dubai. WelcheMusic is particularly pleased with the upcoming album The Stereo Love Show, slated for release later this year.

We’re yet to track any chart peaks for “Desert Rain” (yet) apart from getting its breakthrough on the user generated Last.FM chart. The track holds the No.6 position for last week’s most played tracks. Despite “Stereo Love” considered a much larger hit, the follow-up hit “This Is My Life” was the most played track over the last six months.

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