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Listen to Erik Hassle’s Rihanna Cover
  • Okategoriserade 12 februari, 2010

    Don’t miss out on this funky ‘70s flavour remix of Erik Hassle’s “Hurtful,” available on The Hype Machine’s blog. “Hurtful” was only recently ...

    Download vol.3 of the WelcheMusic Compilation Playlist
  • 19 januari, 2010

    It’s time for WelcheMusic vol.3 fresh from the oven. Ke$ha storms the charts with the new album and we think that “Take It Off” is a contender for an upcoming ...

    WelcheMusic “Beat” Radio1
  • Okategoriserade 12 januari, 2010

    We’re the first to admit that WelcheMusic’s inspiration partly comes from what’s being picked up around the world. Buzz on Billboard, Radio 1’s playlists and ...