Etikett: GoonRock

  • One Day Next Single from LMFAO?

    CHART SPOTLIGHT. It’s fun to play the guessing-game, and so far we’re a bit confused. WelcheMusic hopes for “One Day” to become the next LMFAO single off Sorry for Party Rocking. Earlier this month we hinted that “Best Night” would become the next single. Yet, Wikipedia has changed the indication for “next single” to “One…

  • Will Best Night Follow LMFAO’s Champagne Showers?

    CHART SPOTLIGHT. By now, we’re all familiar with the LA based electro hop recording duo LMFAO. Their “Party Rock Anthem” finally ascended to the top of the Billboard Hot 100, in addition to topping the tallies in countries such as New Zealand, the UK, Austria, Brazil and Denmark.

  • LMFAO’s party rock anthem trails J.Lo

    CHART SPOTLIGHT. The L.A. based electro hop duo LMFAO is trailing J.Lo in the UK with the latest hit “Party Rock Anthem.” A WelcheMusic favorite, the track is features Lauren Bennett and GoonRock, the track has fared much better in Europe than in the US. Currently sitting at No.2 in the UK, the track has…