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Daft Punk Goes Disney with Tron: Legacy

Daft Punk returns to the music scene with the soundtrack to the Disney movie Tron: Legacy.

Beatles on iTunes=2m Downloads
  • Okategoriserade 25 november, 2010

    Music Week reports that The Beatles have sold 450,000 albums digitally and more than 2m tracks following the availability on iTunes. In the US, the most popular ...

    Rihanna Denies Take That No.1
  • Okategoriserade 15 november, 2010

    Rihanna is No.1 on the UK singles chart as well as on the Billboard Hot 100.

    La Roux Takes the Help of Kanye West on Re-make
  • Okategoriserade 14 november, 2010

    La Roux takes the help of Kanye West on new version of In for the Kill