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  • Loreen’s Euphoria Smells Baku Victory in the Eurovision 2012

    Summarizing the latest coverage about Loreen from Swedish interviews, counts down to Thursday’s ESC final where ‘Euphoria’ is the favorite. Loreen’s ‘Euphoria’ has turned out to be the pan-European favorite as the ESC final in Baku draws to a close. Being a favorite obviously mounts pressure on the singer. Loreen did get 670,551 tele-votes…

  • Will Morning Glory Open for International Bedingfield Release

    Haven just seen Morning Glory, one of definitive highlights is Natasha Bedingfield’s “Strip Me.” Lifted off the album with the same name, Bedingfield is yet to release it outside Canada and the U.S. The below video was remade due to its inclusion in the movie, including footage with Diane Keaton, Harrison Ford and Rachel McAdams.

  • Amanda Jenssen is in Happyland

    The Swedish Grammy Awards are always up for discussion. When the nominees were announced earlier this month, it was also clear that it will not be broadcasted on TV. This means, that we won’t see any scandalous behavior live – even though any incidents will be reported by the tabloids. Back in 1993, the indie…