Max Martin Chosen for Zlatan’s Swedish UEFA Euro 2016 Song

Zlatan Ibrahimovic initiated Sweden’s official Euro 2016 song ‘Mitt team’ with Frej Larsson and Joy. Issued on Friday (20th May), the track is written and produced by Max Martin, Shellback and Oscar Holter. It goes neck-to-neck with previous Melodifestivalen presenter Robin Paulsson’s ‘Abzolut.’

Frej Larsson & Joy – Mitt Team

‘Mitt team’ premiered live on the national breakfast TV show TV4 Nyhetsmorgon yesterday morning. The track entered the Spotify streaming tally for Sweden on Friday, racking up 84,095 plays entering at No.48. On yesterday’s chart which was only made available by a few hours ago, the song improved four positions (to No.44). The tally is led by Justin Timberlake’s ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling,’ also co-written by Max Martin and Shellback.

Oscar Holter has contributed to the Swedish and Danish Eurovision legs. In 2009, he co-wrote Amy Diamond’s ‘It’s My Life’ in Sweden’s Melodifestivalen. It qualified for Andra chansen, but missed out the grand finale. In 2013, he co-wrote Kate Hall’s ‘I’m Not Alone’ in the Danish Melodi Grand Prix. It didn’t qualify for the final, yet Emmeli de Forest managed to win that year with ‘Only Teardrops.’ will definitely keep track on the tally moving forward, as this song has the potential of reaching the upper reaches in no time.

At No.5 on yesterday’s Spotify streaming tally (SWE), the official UEFA Euro 2016 song ‘This One’s for You’ with David Guetta and Zara Larsson has arrived with a bang. The track bowed at No.8 on the official Swedish singles chart on Friday.

David Guetta & Zara Larsson – This One’s for You

As Dagens Nyheter reports, other songs claim to be Euro 2016 hits albeit non-official. The 7-year old Amadeus de la Motte’s ‘Bäst I Europa’ as well as the Melodifestivalen host Robin Paulsson’s ‘Abzolut’ are other songs fighting for attention.

Amadeus de la Motte – Bäst i Europa

Robin Paulsson is famous for his interpretations of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and is also from the same region as the football player. Hosting his own talk show Robins on Swedish public service, he was the presenter of Melodifestivalen a few years back. ‘Abzolut’ is written and produced together with Anderz Wrethow of Samir & Viktor, Hasse Andersson and Arash fame.

Robin Paulsson – Abzolut


Ola Svensson Strikes Gold in Italy with I’m in Love

Ola Svensson is big in Italy
Ola Svensson sold Gold in Italy with I’m in Love.

Ever wondered what happened to Idol contestant Ola Svensson? His former Swedish No.1 ‘I’m in Love’ was only recently awarded a gold disc in Italy. The track was written by Alexander Kronlund Dimitris Stassos, Johan Bobäck, Mikaela Stenström and Ola Svensson. It was produced by none other than Shellback, of P!nk and Usher fame. The producer recently penned Taylor Swift’s and Maroon 5’s recent hits.

Ola – I’m In Love (Official video) [HD]

Born in 1986, the Swedish singer and songwriter has so far released three albums and 11 singles. The former Idol contestant has racked up no fewer than eight No.1s in his native country. He initially had his eyes set on becoming a star in Sweden, then the United States.

Now, Ola Svensson has become “grande” in Italy according to Swedish news daily Aftonbladet. In 2010, Ola Svenssons started his own record label – Olinho Records – signing international deals. He has been all around Europe pushing ‘I’m in Love,’ the first single off his upcoming album. In Italy, a gold certification is equivalent to 15,000 shipped units.

Initial Attempt on US Market

2012 saw the his first attempt to crack the US with a promo tour supporting the release of ‘All Over the World. The video to ‘I’m in Love’ was shot there as well.

Ola – All Over The World (Official Video)

‘I’m in Love’ was released in May of last year. He had his eyes set on the United States, instead he became “grande” in Italy. “It’s great fun. Only a month ago interest grow in Italy. Right now this is the most succesful market,” says Ola Svensson to Aftonbladet.

On Performing Live in Italy

Ola Svensson has also performed at the club Magazzini Generali. “It’s a permanent shock to arrive without expectations. You expect five people in the audience that don’t know the songs. But they know the songs, sing-along  and knows a great deal about me. It’s freakin’ awesome,” he says. His promotional tour started in the United States in 2011, following the release of his third album Ola.

“The plan is to go back there in the fall and continue promoting ‘I’m in Love’ and upcoming material. But right now, focus is on Europe and the new record that I’m working on,” Ola Svensson says. He is halfway in the process of completing the new pop album. “It’s an honest record about the journey I’ve made these past three years. It will absolutely become my most personal record to date.” He concludes.





























Precision Tunes’ Maroon 5 Cover of ‘Payphone’ Cracks Top 10

Maroon 5
Maroon 5

Expect Maroon 5 to crash into the UK singles chart next week as a cover of ‘Payphone’ easily makes the No.9 position. The track has already reached No.2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and is a top ten hit globally right now.

Featuring the rapper Wiz Khalifa on rap, the track is written by Adam Levine, Benjamin Levin, Ammar Malik, Dan Omelio, Shellback and Cameron Thomaz. It is produced by Shellback, Benny Blanco and Robopop. It’s the follow-up to the hugely popular ‘Moves Like Jagger’ from last year and will be included on the upcoming album “Overexposed.”

 Maroon 5 – Payphone

Maroon 5’s Moves Like Jagger UK Top 3 Hit?

CHART SPOTLIGHT.  Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera’s ‘Moves Like Jagger’ is about to conquer the UK. It is expected to bow in at No.3 according to BBC’s Chart Update. Hooray! With the help of the two Swedes Shellback (producer) and Jonas Åkerlund (video director). WelcheMusic dug out another remix of ‘Moves Like Jagger.’ Check out the Bezwun Break Mix Below. If the track indeed bows in the top three, it will beat the US peak position of No.8.

Adam Levine ft Christina Aguilera – Moves Like Jagger (Bezwun Breaks Mix) by Bezwun


Check out the video to ‘Moves Like Jagger’ and listen of the new remixes


Listen to Maroon 5 via Spotify:

Moves Like Jagger (Studio Recording from The Voice Performance)

Moves Like Jagger (Soul Seekerz Radio Edit)

Moves Like Jagger (Michael Carrera Darkroom Remix)

She Will Be Loved

Further reading on WelcheMusic:


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