22-Year Old Posner Takes Off Where Timberlake Left

The American singer/songwriter Mike Posner was born in 1988. A year when INXS, Chicago and Steve Winwood dominated the Billboard Hot 100. Born in Detroit, Michigan, Posner graduated this year with a degree in sociology at Duke University. At Duke, he produced mixtapes eventually signing a major deal with J Records last summer.


The Gigamesh-produced debut hit “Cooler than Me” has already reached No.6 on the Hot 100 and the track has also reached the top ten in Canada, Norway, and New Zealand. It was followed by “Please Don’t Go.” Posner’s debut set 31 Minutes to Takeoff was released last month. The album opens with the title track, a 34-second vignette. Original and inspiring. Mike Posner more or less takes off where Justin Timberlake left.  The set entered the Billboard 200 at No.8 upon its release.

The Gym Is Calling

It’s the time of the year, when everybody hits off to the gym. What is a better way of getting inspiration than watch Eric Prydz’ video to “Call on Me.” The single held a rather unusal record, for a long while it the lowest-selling No.1 single ever in the UK. One of the reasons was that the digital download wasn’t an eligible format in the chart. A little more flattering is that the original artist, Steve Winwood, re-recorded the vocals  to “Call on Me” which was originally featured in his own hit “Valerie.” The track was a hit in 1982, but not as near as big as Eric Prydz’ hit.


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