Alex Sparrow Vs. Eric Saade – The Fight Continues

CHART SPOTLIGHT. The Russian ESC star Alex Vorobyov, or Alex Sparrow which he calls himself continues to heavily criticize Eric Saade. Pointing out that Saade sang playback at the show, Sparrow compares it to hara-kiri, according to leading news daily Aftonbladet.

Super producer RedOne co-wrote “Get You,” and Alex Sparrow’s manager is Peter Swartling. His song coach is Kishti Tomita. Both of them were part of the Swedish Idol jury a while back and is part of the team behind this year’s Russian entry.

Eric Saade’s Scandalous Russian Visit


“When I’m on stage at the Eurovision, I will be the only Russian at the stage. The dancers, background singers, everyone’s from Sweden,” Alex Sparrow says.

The Russian singer is quick to point out that he would never sing playback. Saade’s manager Tomas Lingman says:

“We were introduced, that’s it. After that, we went back to the dressing room. Singing playback was the Russian record label’s decision. 35 to 40 artists performed on the show. It was the first time Eric sang playback, he usually don’t.”

RedOne Will Represent Russia with Alex Vorobyov


On the Russian entry, Lingman simply says “Eric doesn’t need to pay RedOne and Swartling millions to be part of the Eurovision. [Eric] has the support from the people,” referring to the fact that “Get You” was chosen to represent Russia and did not win compete for the victory.


Eric Saade’s Scandalous Russian Visit

CHART SPOTLIGHT. According to the Swedish news daily Aftonbladet,  Russian ESC entry Alexey Vorobyov accuses Eric Saade of plagiarism. An appearance on a Russian TV show was also cancelled. The 20-year old Swede is currently in Russia to promote “Popular.” The single returns to No.1 on the Swedish singles tally this week, knocking Jennifer Lopez off the top.

Lopez tops Swedish singles tally as Melodifestivalen fever fades

The 23-year old Alexey Vorobyov will compete with  the RedOne production “Get You” in the ESC this May. Russian fans claim that Saade stole both dance steps and the glass cage from Vorobyov’s appearance on the MTV Music Awards 2007.

Eric Saade claims that many artists uses glass on stage and rather admits being influenced by Michael Jackson rather than the Russian ESC singer. The TV show in question was Star Academy, an Idol-esque reality series. The producer felt that it was unpatriotic to feature Vorobyov’s rival on the show and cancelled Saade’s appearance.

Saade’s manager, Tomas Lingman, means that the Russians wanted to create a scandal, saying:

“This has turned to Eric’s advantage as most Russians didn’t even know about him. Cancelling the appearance has certainly made people aware of Eric Saade,” Lingman says.

WelcheMusic notes that only two of the Swedish Melodifestivalen entries remain in the top ten. Swingfly’s “Me and My Drum” sits at No.6.

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