Streaming for Sound of Silence Declines Across (Almost) All Territories

Dami Im Eurovision Song Contest 2016
Dami Im promo shot for Eurovision Song Contest 2016

To secure success in Eurovision is one thing, to maintain interest afterwards another. A surefire favorite of mine, ‘Sound of Silence’ seems to have peaked around the world. Streaming is decreasing everywhere, but Australia where Dami Im reaches a new peak!

Dami Im’s ‘Sound of Silence’ climbs 61-52 in native Australia, besting the previous No.60 position. Written and produced by DNA Songs, I definitely hope that we will hear more from Dami Im soon. So, how did she fare across different Spotify territories?

Peak position

  • Global: 140
  • Sweden: 10
  • Australia: 52
  • Germany: 106
  • Norway: 89
  • The Netherlands: 103
  • Finland: 81
  • Spain: 145
  • Portugal: 61
  • Belgium: 58
  • Denmark: 138
  • Lithuania: 16
  • Iceland: 25
  • Austria: 85
  • Ireland: 123
  • Estonia: 36
  • Malaysia: 146
  • Switzerland: 186

Latest chart data by for 22nd May.

Dami Im – Sound of Silence

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