Will Amanda Fondell Go All This Way?

Amanda Fondell’s All This Way Vaults to the Top

Amanda Fondell may have gone all the way in the Idol final, but there weren’t enough fans out there to send ‘All This Way’ to the top. Looking at the charts stats below, the trend is unfortunately negative for the past winners.

Last year’s winner Jay Smith made it to No.3 with ‘Dreaming People,’ becoming the first Idol winner to miss the top-spot. Amanda Fondell could theoretically improve her position next week, but that’s highly unlikely.

Idol Winners

2004: Daniel Lindström – Coming True (7 wks, 21 wks total)

2005: Agnes – Right Here Right Now (My Heart Belongs to You) (6 wks, 26 wks)

2006: Markus Fagervall – Everything Changes (7 wks, 22 wks)

2007: Marie Picasso – This Moment (2 wks, 14 wks)

2008: Kevin Borg – With Every Bit of Me (5 wks, 12 wks)

2009: Erik Grönwall – Higher (6 wks, 19 wks)

2010: Jay Smith – Dreaming People (No.3, 10 wks)

2011: Amanda Fondell – All This Way (No.6, 1 wks*)



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