Did Aqua Just Go Britney Spears On Us?


CHART SPOTLIGHT. So, did we just listen to a new Britney track or was it…Aqua? Check out the latest single from the Danish-Norwegian pop act to be released on Monday 14th March. “How R U Doin’” sounds like a close relative of “Hold It AgainstMe” and the eurodance is long gone. Almost eleven years have passed since the last album Aquarius was released. The group split up in 2001, only to be reunited in 2008 for a tour. Two years ago, a greatest hits album was issued including three new songs.

The group got its breakthrough in 1997 with “Barbie Girl.”Note that it wasn’t Aqua’s first single. In 1996, “Roses Are Red” became a pan-Nordic hit. A WelcheMusic favorite, “Turn Back Time” (1998) topped the UK singles chart and footage from the Gwyneth Paltrow flick Sliding Doors was featured in the video. The track sampled Pet Shop Boys’ 1988 hit “Heart.”