Where on Earth Did Ja Rule Go?

CHART REFLECTION. So what happened to Ja Rule? In the early 2000s, this rapper ruled the charts but he has been somewhat silence lately. A quick online search revealed that he serves a 2-year old prison sentence, which explains it all.

Fat Joe Hit

WelcheMusic’s absolute favorite is the 2002 hit “What’s Luv,” where Ja Rule was featured as a guest artist on Fat Joe’s hit alongside Ashanti. Peaking at No.2 in the US, this was actually Ashanti’s fault as she claimed the top spot with “Foolish.” “What’s Luv” is built on 2Pac’s “Niggaz Nature” and interpolated the classic Tina Turner hit “What’s Love Got to Do with It.”

Hit No.1 with J.Lo

Née Jeffrey Atkins in 1976, this Queens native rose to fame in 1999 when he debuted with “Holla Holla.” His biggest hit to date is the duet with Jennifer Lopez on the Murder Remix  of “I’m Real.” Originally a europoop hit, the track was re-worked into a rap hit with street cred.

Ja Rule actually managed to go all the way to No.1 in the UK with the 2004 hit “Wonderful” which featured R. Kelly and…again Ashanti.