Eminem & Rihanna Can Grab a Grammy

Don’t be surprised if Eminem and Rihanna grab a Grammy next year. Their “Love the Way You Lie” competes with Ray LaMontagne, Cee Lo Green, Tom Douglas & Allen Shamblin and Lady Antebellum for the Song of the Year award.

“Love the Way You Lie” was the second single off Eminem’s Recovery set and was issued this August. Produced by Alex da Kidd, the track wasn’t even intended to be on the album and was recorded in the last minute. A second part has also been recorded and included on Rihanna’s Loud album.

Despite being one of the top sellers in the UK, the track failed to make the No.1 spot there. It did top the charts in both the US and Sweden. The follow-up single was released in October – “No Love” peaked at No.23.

According to Last.FM, “Not Afraid” has been the most popular Eminem tune the six last months, followed by “Cold Wind Blows” and “On Fire.” Both tracks are featured on Recovery, but have not been promotional singles.

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