Great Moments In Eurovision: France, 2008 by Guest Writer Will

CHART REFLECTION. In 2008, France brought us Sebastien Tellier, who brought us one of the greatest ever Eurovision songs, “Divine.” Sung mostly in English, Divine sparked controversy in France among politicians. Tellier was eventually allowed to compete but only after a partial French rewrite.

“Divine” is a celebration of smooth 80s synths. Tellier gently yearns for better things as his backup singers keep the song’s engine purring away, helped along by a drum machine. It’s neo-retro, gentle, sincere and immediately likeable.

On the surface, Divine was perfect for Eurovision and the Eurovision betting suggested it should do well.

But Tellier is more than just a Eurovision contestant and “Divine” is more than just a Eurovision song. It’s also the centrepiece of Sexuality, Tellier’s internationally acclaimed 2008 album. Sexuality, a Gallic celebration of flirtatious love, was produced by Daft Punk but is a closer cousin to Justin Timberlake’s oeuvre. “Divine” is the highlight. The performance in the Eurovision final matched the song.