Hultsfredsfestivalen Welcomes Latest Indie Sensation Foster the People

CHART REFLECTION. The LA indie band Foster the People has slowly grown a fan base across the world. Initially released in 2010, the seductive hit “Pumped Up Kicks” is about to get its breakthrough on our side of the Atlantic. A new WelcheMusic favourite, the single peaked at No.27 in the UK a couple of weeks ago and the group is now heading our way for a tour.

The band manager Mark Foster works with placing music in commercials, delivering songs with melodies that really catch your ears complete with video games samplings and piano hooks. “Pumped Up Kicks” is currently A listed on Radio 1 and topped US and Canadian alternative tallies last year.

The group started playing together back in 2009 and “Pumped Up Kicks” first appeared on back in early 2010 and got its first prominent exposure following a positive German blog review. The track is the headlines the group’s eponymous EP. It also appears on the debut album Torches.

Surely don’t miss the band, should you be at Hultsfredsfestivalen this side of summer! Swedish music journalists at Kulturbloggen, Barometern and Rodeo hails the group.

Listen to Foster the People via Spotify: