Icelandic Eurovision Singer Died of a Heart Attack

CHART SPOTLIGHT. According to the Swedish leading news daily Aftonbladet, the Icelandic singer Sigurjón Brink was to compete in the Icelandic leg of the Eurovision Song Contest. Unfortunately, he died of a heart attack on 17th January, only 36 years old. His wife asked friends of Brink to perform the track, which was most likely to be pulled. The newly formed group “Sigurjón’s Friends” managed to win the Icelandic leg, beating the favorite Yohanna. The Icelandic entry will compete in the first semi final on May 10th. Sweden will compete in the second semi final two days later.


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  1. ps. he didn´t die from a heart attack. It was a stroke. And it was his five years old son that dialed 911

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