INXS’ New Sensation Workout Favorite According to RunHundred

INXS - New Sensation
INXS – New Sensation

INXS’ 1988 hit ‘New Sensation’ is one of the most popular work out songs according to the music site Runhundred. The song was featured on the 1987 album “Kick” and written by Andrew Farriss with lyrics by Michael Hutchence. At 117 BPM, the track is a favorite among the site’s subscribers. ‘New Sensation’ peaked at No.3 on the Billboard Hot 100.

INXS – New Sensation

Top Hits According to RunHundred:

INXS – New Sensation – 117 BPM
Owl City – Umbrella Beach – 136 BPM
Rihanna – Te Amo – 86 BPM
Creed – Higher – 79 BPM
Green Day – Know Your Enemy – 130 BPM