Jamiroquai’s back with two singles + one album

Guess, who’s back? WelcheMusic isn’t the only blogger who wants Jamiroquai to return to the scene. Mark the calendar as Rock Dust Light Star is set to bow on Nov.1. As reported by the blog  Some Kind of Awesome, two singles will be available on the day of the album release. Directed by Howard Greenhalgh, the videos have been shot in Almeria (Spain).These are “White Knuckle Ride” and “Blue Skies.”

Jamiroquai debuted in 1993 with the album Emergency on Planet Earth and the new album will be the seventh in the group’s career. The previous album, Dynamite, was released in 2005 and produced three singles. The UK Top 20 single “Seven Days in Sunny June” was also featured in the film The Devil Wears Prada.