Jennifer Lopez Hits the Top 3 with “On the Floor”

CHART SPOTLIGHT. It seems as if Jennifer Lopez needn’t worry about making a comeback. With the help of RedOne and Pitbull, “On the Floor” crashes into No.3 on the Swedish singles tally. The singer made her debut with the No.9 hit “If You Had My Love” back in 1999.

The clever use of Kaoma’s 1989 hit “Lambada” certainly paid off. “On the Floor” becomes her 15th hit on the Swedish tally and is well on its way to become her biggest one ever. It’s so far tied with “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” (2000) and “Ain’t It Funny” (2001) that both peaked at No.3. Jennifer Lopez racked up no less than 12 hits between 1999 and 2002, six of them were top ten hits. In 2005, “Get Right” peaked at No.11 and in 2007 “Do It Well” peaked at No.54.

WelcheMusic covered Jen’s return to the charts in January, when the first snippet of “On the Floor” was released. The track has so far charted in Belgium (No.1), Spain (No.4), Australia (No.10). The help of RedOne has even helped her return to the Billboard Hot 100, where the track debuts at No.9. It’s actually the third biggest selling digital song in the country. The track will be officially released in the UK on March 27 and we will keep a close eye on its chart appearance there.

The 1989 hit “Chorando Se Foi (Lambada)” was the first single off the Kaoma album Worldbeat. The track is actually a cover of Márcia Ferreira’s 1986 hit “Chorando Se Foi” which in its turn was built on Los Kjarkas Bolivian song “Llorando se fue” from 1981. The track became a worldwide hit selling more than 5m copies.

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