Jennifer Lopez Producer Helps Darin Score Eurovision Hit

Swedish singer Darin took another step towards winning the Eurovision Song Contest. As one of two entries, his “You’re Out of My Life” will be one of the finalists in the Globe Arena later this year. The track is produced by Arnthor Birgisson, whose production credits span from Jennifer Lopez (“Play”) to Leona Lewis (“I Got You”).

Lady Gaga’s producer Red One is responsible for Darin’s performance of Lena Philipsson’s ”Det Gör Ont”

Darin made his breakthrough in Idol in 2004 and throughout his career he’s been helped by producers such as Red One, Jörgen Elofsson and Max Martin. His latest hit single was a cover of Coldplay’s “Viva la vida.” His latest album, Flashback, was released in December 2008.