Kana Uemura Rules Chart with Toilet no Kamisama

CHART SPOTLIGHT. Kana Uemura (植村 花菜, Uemura Kana) is only one of the hit singles to top the Japanese singles chart this year. No less than six singles have topped the tally in 2011. “Toilet no Kamisama” (トイレの神様, Toire no Kamisama, “Goddess in the Toilet”) is the lead track off the EP Watashi no Kakera-tachi. The track has so far yielded more than 250,000 downloads to cellphones, awarding Uemura two Japan Record Awards in 2010.


“Toilet no Kamisama” has topped both Japanese singles chart (the Billboard Japan Hot 100 and the Oricon Weekly). The song describes Uemura’s relationship with her grandmother and contained enough drama that TV channel TBS turned it into a 2-hour drama special.