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Kanye West Returns with Paul McCartney on Only One

Only One with Kanye West and Paul McCartney
Single sleeve of Only One

Kanye West dropped a brand new single yesterday, ‘Only One’ is a collaboration with legendary Paul McCartney. The track was co-written by West, McCartney as well as Kirby Lauryen. Being the least famous of these three, let me give you a quick introduction to the talented songwriter Kirby Lauryen. She was born in Memphis and was influenced by artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Janis Joplin and Otis Redding. She first came to fame with her YouTube channel “Kirby Lauryen Sings” where she sang a song a day. As a songwriter she’s signed to Roc Nation.

The track was produced by West and Mike Dean. The latter has worked extensively with West, and it is interesting to note that they have contributed on Madonna’s new album “Rebel Heart” with ‘Illuminati.’

Expect ‘Only One’ to show up on the charts anytime soon. I just checked, and it has yet not charted on the iTunes charts where it was released yesterday.

‘Only One’ is the first track to be released a single since Kanye West released his sixth album “Yeezus” back in June 2013. The set included the two singles ‘Black Skinhead’ had ‘Bound 2.’

UPDATE (2/1)

The previously available YouTube video was removed. Kanye West’s single has debuted atop the Swedish iTunes download chart and entered the No.3 position in the US.


Kanye West Tops the Billboard Trending Twitter Chart

‘Only One’ is off to a great start as it is currently topping the Billboard’s Trending Twitter Chart (as of 1.1.2015, 19:36 CET). Within the last 24 hours it has increased 1.78% in Twitter exposure haven dominated the social network. It fends off Mapei and One Direction as you can see below.

Kanye West on Twitter
Kanye West tops Realtime Twitter Chart


UPDATE (2/1)

‘Only One’ remains atop the Billboard Realtime Twitter chart (as of 2/1, 2015 – 11.37 CET). Within the last 24 hours traffic has dropped a meager .16%, but West still fends off Ed Sheeran and A$AP Rocky.