Katrina Kaif Expected to Become the Latest Bollywood Star

CHART REFLECTION. The British actress Katrina Kaif was born in Finchley and her Bollywood breakthrough is compared to that of Keira Knightley’s Hollywood breakthrough in Pirates of the Caribbean. According to a recent article in The Guardian, Katrina Kaif’s new film Tees Mar Khan is predicted to become one of the biggest Bollywood hits of the year.

In the movie, Kaif is playing a woman whose boyfriend plans to steal antiques from a moving train. Expect the 26-year old actress to do some heavy belly dancing, performing the song “Sheila Ki Jawaani” (Sheila’s Blossoming Womanhood). The track has grown to become the most downloaded track in India. A surefire indicator of a film’s success as the movies relies heavily on the songs in Bollywood films.