Maia Hirasawa Makes Fragile Eerily Relevant

CHART SPOTLIGHT. As reported by the eminent blog Make Believe Melodies, singer Maia Hirasawa’s latest single “Fragile” is eerily relevant. Featured on her latest album, Hirasawa bowed the new black/white video o YouTube.


Haven lived in Sendai for an extended period of time, she’s familiar with the area that has gotten worldwide attention. According to Make Believe Melodies, the video was recorded in Tokyo on March 14.  The video does pay homage to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami, while the track isn’t written specifically about the event.

Born and raised in Sollentuna, 30-year-old Maia Hirasawa got her major breakthrough with her original rendition of The Ark’s “The Worrying Kind” in 2008.