No Swedish Jury in This Year’s Melodifestivalen

CHART REFLECTION. Germany will host this year’s Eurovision Song Contest further to Lene’s winning entry “Satellite.” Today, news broke that there will be no Swedish jury groups in the Swedish leg – Melodifestivalen. An entirely international jury will decide what entry to send to the Eurovision finals.

This year’s final will take place on 12th March and eleven jury groups will rule the verdict along with the Swedish public. The measure has been taken as to improve Sweden’s disastrous results in the recent Eurovision finals.

“We’re hoping to achieve a great result in Eurovision, and we hope this is a way to achieve this,” says Christer Björkman who’s responsible for the format.

Anna Bergendahl, who won last year’s Melodifestivalen with “This Is My Life” failed to make the final.

UPDATED 02-07: Lene Meyer –Landrut will be competing for Germany in this year’s Eurovision 2011 as well. On January 31st, the first semi final of Unser Song für Deutschland took place. The singer performed six songs, three of them will be competing in the national final on the 18th February.