Peter, Bjorn and John Recognized on the Streets of NYC

CHART REWIND. When Peter, Bjorn and John were being recognized on the streets of New York City, they knew that they made it. “It just escalated,” says member Björn Yttling in an interview with news daily Expressen.

A WelcheMusic favourite also known as “the whistling song,” the Peter, Bjorn and John 2006 hit “Young Folks” have been heavily used in several hit series such as Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl and Melrose Place. The song was ranked as the fifth best hit of 2006 by Pitchfork Media.

“It sells between 5 000 and 7 000 downloads per week in the US alone. A welcome income that will be enough to support them the next coming years. We should be pleased about that,” Björn Yttling says.


The track (which features Victoria Bergsman on vocals)  is included on the album Writer’s Block. In the UK, “Young Folks” initially peaked at No.33 (2006), finally peaking at No.13 when it was re-released in 2007.

Consequently, Peter Bjorn and John is bigger in the US than Sweden. Being recognized on the streets and performing at the largest venue on the Coachella festival proves that. Their sixth album Gimme Some is slated for release on Mar.30. The group has already opened for Depeche Mode and declined to tour with The Killers as they couldn’t make the time.

A successful producer, Björn Yttling has also worked with Robyn, Lykke Li and Moneybrother.