Summer is here

Shout-Out to Texas – The Summer (Son) Is Here

Summer is here
The Texas hit broke in August 1999, becoming a top five hit in the UK

Bring out the caipirinhas as summer has officially arrived. To honor the moment, let’s revisit a track that was unappreciated (at least in Sweden) when it arrived in 1999. Scottish alternative rock band Texas, released ‘Summer Son’ as the second single off The Hush. The track did was heavily debated, due to the hot video below.

The single featured remixes by both Todd Terry and Giorgio Moroder, becoming a dancefloor hit as well and peaked at No.5 in the UK (it only made it to No.31 in Sweden).


 Summer Son – Texas

The Hush was Texas’s fifth album, eventually logging 43 weeks on the UK Album chart where it peaked at No.1. ‘Summer Son’ followed ‘In Our Lifetime,’ a No.4 hit which was also included on Notting Hill soundtrack accompanying the movie with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts.

In Our Lifetime – Texas

The alternative rock group formed in 1986. Sharleen Spiteri is the lead vocalist. They actually took their name form Wim Wender’s movie Paris, Texas.The debut hit came in 1989 with ‘I Don’t Want a Lover,’ taken off the album Southside. The track became an international hit.

Biggest hit to date is ‘Say What You Want’ from 1997 (No.3). It was re-issued in 1998 in a remixed version featuring The Wu Tang Clan.

Say What You Want – Texas

They’re back with the new album The Conversation, the title track is currently No.73 on the singles chart.

The Conversation – Texas

‘The Converstion’ climbed 104-73 in its second week and sits just behind Swedish Robin Stjernberg’s ‘You’ (at No.72).