Swedish Viewers Rage Against Eurovision Debacle

CHART ANALYSIS. The Moniker and Sara Varga were the final contestants to qualify for next week’s Melodifestivalen final. RedOne’s entry, Love Generation’s “Dance Alone” did not stand the fierce competition. While many people might anger the actual results, SVT has another problem on its hands.

An error during the voting might have prevented Jenny Silver from qualifying in the duel with Love Generation in the “Second Chance” competition held tonight. The expensive charity telephone number was incorrect – and viewers believed to have voted for Jenny Silver were instead dialing Love Generation’s telephone number.

“Something happened  with the graphics,” Madeleine Sinding-Larsen at SVT says to the leading news paper Aftonbladet.

The error seems to have recurred throughout the evening and the telephone numbers to several participants were mixed up. SVT is currently investigating the matter and will comment on this issue later.

The presenter Rickard Olsson concluded that “there were some problems with the voting, but I can guarantee that this has not affected the results in any way.” It seems as if Swedish viewers find that hard to believe.