‘Euphoria’ Remains Pan-European iTunes Chart Hit


Loreen’s ‘Euphoria’ remains a pan-European hit, although it has slightly slipped on the iTunes Top 10 Songs chart. It’s clear that Cheryl Cole’s back – expect her new single ‘Call My Name’ to bow atop the UK/Irish singles chart come Sunday. Loreen was recently back in Sweden for a quick concert appearance, presented by none other than Danny Saucedo. According to Aftonbladet, Loreen says that ‘I’m so thankful that so many people appreciates what I do. Without them, I would never make it.”

According to DN today, SVT’s Thomas Hall, who manages the Swedish heats hopes that Loreen’s victory makes it easier to attract credible artists. There are plenty of song-writers who have chosen not to contribute to Melodifestivalen.

Current chart positions via iTunes (12-06-12):

Austria: 1

Belgium: 3

Denmark: 2

Finland: 3

Greece: 1

Ireland: 2

Luxembourg: 2

Netherlands: 5

Norway: 2

Spain: 3

Sweden: 5


Loreen’s Euphoria Tops the Swedish Digital Songs Chart

Loreen tops the Digital Songs chart
Loreen knocks Michel Teló off the Top

As I predicted earlier, Loreen’s ‘Euphoria’ manages to dethrone Michel Teló’s ‘Ai se eu te pego’ on Diglistan, which is solely based on downloads and streaming. Following the countdown on the radio, I was thrilled to hear that Loreen sold by far more than her competitors. Danny Sacuedo’s ‘Amazing’ bows at No.2, while Lisa Miskovsky’s ‘Why Start a Fire’ enters at No.4. Both of them will compete against Loreen come Saturday when the final of Melodifestivalen takes place at the Ericsson Globe Arena in Stockholm.

According to a recent Aftonbladet poll, Loreen is leading by far (getting almost 40 percent of the votes). Fingers crossed!

Loreen – Euphoria

Loreen’s Euphoria Highest New Entry on Hitlistan

Loreen charts with Sober in addition to Euphoria
Loreen charts with Sober in addition to Euphoria

Loreen’s ‘Euphoria’ bows at No.12 on this week’s official Swedish singles chart, becoming the highest placed Melodifestivalen entry as well as the highest new entry. Loreen also places ‘Sober’ at No.60, a track that initially peaked at No.6 on the digital songs chart Digilistan upon its release last September.

Earlier, I predicted that Loreen would replace Michel Teló, whose ‘Ai se eu te pego’ remains atop for a second weekend running. Fingers crossed that this will be the case in due course. Danny Saucedo’s ‘Amazing’ enters at No.20. Sean Banan’s ‘Sean den förste banan’ also enters the chart, albeit a low position (No.45).

I’m pretty confident that the Melodifestivalen songs will climb next week as they haven’t enjoyed a full week of sales yet.

Melodifestivalen Will Knock Michel Teló’s Socks Off

Loreen’s ‘Euphoria’ was illicitly used in a Spanish promo for Gossip Girl.
Loreen’s ‘Euphoria’ was illicitly used in a Spanish promo for Gossip Girl.
Loreen’s ‘Euphoria’ was illicitly used in a Spanish promo for Gossip Girl.

iTunes was the first chart to reflect total Melodifestivalen domination as Loreen bowed atop with ‘Euphoria.’ Expect both the official singles chart Hitlistan and the digital songs chart Digilistan to follow in the same footsteps.

In less than two weeks, Sweden will choose which song will represent us in Baku come May. 32 songs have competed in four heats over a four week period, eight finalists are already qualified. This weekend, a second chance will be offered to those who almost made it.

Looking at the latest iTunes top ten, eight of the songs have competed in Melodifestivalen. Almost all of them are finalists, apart from Sean Banan’s ‘Sean den förste banan’ (No.8). This clearly indicates that Sean Banan could very well qualify for the final as he will get another try this Saturday.

Following the Melodifestivalen bonanza throughout the season, Loreen has generated most buzz and it was expected that her song was in demand. Partly since she was the first song to actually qualify for the final, partly since interest for ‘Euphoria’ includes the unauthorized use of the song in a promo clip for Gossip Girl on Spanish TV. The runner-up is Danny Saucedo’s ‘Amazing,’ and Lisa Miskovsky’s ‘Why Start a Fire,’ who both qualified in last week’s heat.

Some say that the current iTunes top ten very well could reflect the final results, yet purchasing the à la carte download track is not the same as voting for the song in the actual competition.

The only two songs not to be associated with Melodifestivalen is Far East Movement’s ‘Live My Life’ (featuring Justin Bieber) (No.5) and Michel Teló’s ‘Ai se eu te pego’ (No.7). The latter currently reached the top of both Hitlistan and Digilistan last. It is mostly unlikely that he remains there when the new charts are made available later this week.

Loreen – Euphoria

The iTunes Chart (as of week 9)

  1. Loreen – Euphoria
  2. Danny Saucedo – Amazing
  3. Lisa Miskovsky – Why Start a Fire
  4. Molly Sandén – Why Am I Crying
  5. Far East Movement featuring Justin Bieber – Live My Life
  6. David Lindgren – Shout It Out
  7. Michel Teló – Ai se eu te pego
  8. Sean Banan – Sean den förste banan
  9. Ulrik Munther – Soldiers
  10. Dead By April – Mystery
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