‘Euphoria’ Remains Pan-European iTunes Chart Hit


Loreen’s ‘Euphoria’ remains a pan-European hit, although it has slightly slipped on the iTunes Top 10 Songs chart. It’s clear that Cheryl Cole’s back – expect her new single ‘Call My Name’ to bow atop the UK/Irish singles chart come Sunday. Loreen was recently back in Sweden for a quick concert appearance, presented by none other than Danny Saucedo. According to Aftonbladet, Loreen says that ‘I’m so thankful that so many people appreciates what I do. Without them, I would never make it.”

According to DN today, SVT’s Thomas Hall, who manages the Swedish heats hopes that Loreen’s victory makes it easier to attract credible artists. There are plenty of song-writers who have chosen not to contribute to Melodifestivalen.

Current chart positions via iTunes (12-06-12):

Austria: 1

Belgium: 3

Denmark: 2

Finland: 3

Greece: 1

Ireland: 2

Luxembourg: 2

Netherlands: 5

Norway: 2

Spain: 3

Sweden: 5