Spotify Bows Remixes of California King Bed

CHART SPOTLIGHT. Make sure to check out the brand new remixes package on Spotify from Rihanna. The track which was first performed as a country song at the ACM Awards this April, has become a global hit. Lifted off the Loud set, “California King Bed” charted in Australia and New Zealand ahead of its release.

Britney Spears’ I Wanna Go Hits Radio Next Week

CHART SPOTLIGHT. Britney Spears fans all over the world are trying to get their hands on coveted Femme Fatale tickets for the upcoming tour. Expect busy days for Ticketmaster when Britney goes on tour. Following her recent duet with Rihanna on “S&M,” a third track is issued from her latest set.

The Lonely Island/Michael Bolton Go All Jack Sparrow in Hit Viral

CHART SPOTLIGHT. Don’t be surprised if the 58-year old crooner Michael Bolton returns to the charts with an r’n’b hit. Featured in a recent Saturday Night Live episode, Bolton joins The Lonely Island in a parody of The Pirates of Caribbean dubbed as “Jack Sparrow.”

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