Taio Cruz Goes Black and Leather

CHART SPOTLIGHT. Currently climbing the charts with “Telling the World,” Taio Cruz recently announced the title of his next album: Black and Leather. The singer is currently in Australia, having performed at Perth’s Supafest.

According to Starmometer’s blog, Cruz currently single “Telling the World” has the potential of being nominated for an Academy Award. The theme song of the new blockbuster movie Rio, “songs from animated movies usually get an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Song.”

Taio Cruz is Telling the World He’s Back


“Telling the World” has so far only managed to climb the charts in Austria (No.21) and Germany (No.35), but hopefully more chart territories will be added. In Sweden, Taio Cruz has charted with three songs to date – “Dynamite” (No.9), “Break Your Heart” (No.6) and “Higher” (No.18). The latter is a duet with WelcheMusic favourite Kylie Minogue.