The Moniker At Risk of Getting Sued

CHART REFLECTION. No sooner had The Moniker qualified for the Melodifestivalen final than he got into a fight with his ex-manager Reginald Austin. According to Swedish news daily Expressen, the manager claims that he received no payment for his work.

Daniel Karlsson aka The Moniker was one of two entries to qualify for the coveted final on Saturday with “Oh My God.” The ex-manager claims that he worked hard to revitalize Daniel Karlsson’s career for the purpose of securing the Melodifestivalen participation. Daniel Karlsson got his national breakthrough as an Idol finalist back in 2007, ending up as No.4.

“A year ago, Daniel did nothing, and his career went nowhere. That’s why everyone was so delighted that he qualified for Melodifestivalen,” Reginald Austin says in a comment. Austin claims that he wasn’t paid for his work as The Moniker didn’t return any calls abruptly ending their business relation.

His former record label, Lionheart, adds that The Moniker switched record labels. In the artist’s defence, neither the record label nor the manager had signed any written contracts. Let’s see where this ends. It’s safe to say that Reginald Austin won’t cast his vote on “Oh My God” come Saturday.