Today in Music: They Topped the Singles Chart in 1994

So, you might feel a wee bit old if you remember these hits by heart 20 years later. Times are a changing, unless you find Bryan Adams, Enigma and Maxx on the current charts. Back then, eurodance music (preferably German) was popular – a trend that definitely has been recycled (yo David Guetta). Check out today’s WelcheMusic’s Chart Rewind.

10. Janet Jackson – Again

Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song, Janet Jackson lost to Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Streets of Philadelphia’ in 1993. Springsteen’s hit peaked at No.9 on the Billboard Hot 100, beaten by Janet Jackson’s ‘Again’ which topped the chart for two weeks. Written by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, ‘Again’ was the third hit single off janet. In Sweden, it peaked at No.5 becoming Jackson’s biggest hit ever in this country.

9. Just D – Vart tog den söta lilla flickan vägen?

Based on an Jamaican hit called ‘The Naughty Little Flea,’ Swedish hip hop trio Just D sampled Owe Thörnqvist’s Swedish verson ‘Vart tog den stygga lilla loppan vägen’ (Where Did the Naugthy Little Flea Go). The 1993 hit ‘Vart tog den söta lilla flickan vägen’ (Where Did the Sweet Little Girl Go) was included on the trio’s set Tre Amigos. The set was Just D’s fourth following Rock’n’Roll which was released the previous year. The group comprised of singers Peder ‘Pedda Pedd’ Ernerot, ‘William ‘Doktor C’ Craaford and Gustave ‘Gurra G’ Lund.

8. Bryan Adams – Please Forgive Me

Bryan Adams issued his greatest hits collection So Far So Good at the end of 1993. ‘Please Forgive Me’ was the only new track, co-written and co-produced by the heavyweight producer Robert Lange. The single was an international hit, topping tallies in e.g. Australia, his home country Canada and Norway. In Sweden, it peaked at No.2 (as well as the UK), while reaching No.7 at the Billboard Hot 100.

7. Björk, David Arnold – Play Dead

‘Play Dead’ was a soundtrack cut off The Young Americans, a 1993 crime drama and debut of British director Danny Cannon. David Arnold is known for writing the scores to five James Bond movies. Icelandic singer Björk added ‘Play Dead’ to her sophomore album Debut. The set spawned no less than five singles (including ‘Human Behaviour’ and ‘Violently Happy.’

6. Ace of Base – The Sign

‘The Sign’ hardly needs any introduction. Issued at the end of October, it never topped the Swedish singles chart peaking at No.2. It succeeded Celine Dion’s ‘The Power of Love’ in Mid-March 1994, ‘The Sign’ was produced by Joker, Denniz Pop and Douglas Carr. It was featured in the 2012 top movie Pitch Perfect.

5. Depeche Mode – In Your Room

‘In Your Room’ is one of few track in this top ten tally that was actually released in 1994. Included on the album Songs of Faith and Devotion, Depeche Mode was the group’s 30th UK hit single.

4. Captain Hollywood Project – Impossible

Captain Hollywood Project placed three hits in a row – ‘More and More,’ ‘Only with You’ and ‘Impossible.’ Evolved out of the Dutch dance project Twenty 4 Seven, front man Tony Dawson Harrison released three albums.

3. Maxx – Get-A-Way

Eurodance was definitely of fashion back in 1994. As well as Captain Hollywood Project, Maxx was also based in Germany. Preceding ‘No More (I Can’t Stand It),’ ‘Get-A-Way’ peaked at No.3, also charting in the UK.


2. Enigma – Return To Innocence

Yet another German group, Enigma returned to the charts in early January with The Cross of Changes and its introductory hit ‘Return to Innocence.’ The group had previously got its breakthrough with ‘Sadness (Pt.1)’ in 1992. Sung by Angel X (Andreas Harde), an Amis chant is heard through the song. The track topped the Swedish singles chart, peaking at No.4 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No.3 in the UK.

1. Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, Sting – All For Love

Stewart and Sting also provided vocals. The track was covered by Swedish pop trio EMD in 2007, repeating the feat of topping our national singles tally.